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Robbie's Journey to Ms World

and Beyond



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Robbie Canner is incredibly proud to be the first 60-years-young

Ms World and believes age is a state-of-mind rather than a life-defining figure.

Robbie's son, Scott, died at the age of 22, of non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2011.  It was Robbie's grief and her desire to be with her beloved son again that was the catalyst for Robbie joining Ms World in 2018... and she has never looked back.

Robbie, a sports therapist for 33 years, believes that women and men age themselves out of life by developing negative connotations towards ageing.  In her early 60s, Robbie has never felt more alive and wants to encourage others to embrace the inevitable.  Robbie's fearless mindset is powerfully inspiring, and she is determined to 'start a conversation' about positive ageing.


While the glamour of wearing frocks and high heels has brought excitement to Robbie's life, her genuine passion is in helping others and the Ms World Pageant has provided Robbie a plate to spread awareness.

Two years on from Robbie's crowning in 2018, Robbie hasn't shown any signs of hanging up her crown and sash.  Robbie launched the inaugural Ms World Australia & New Zealand Pageants November 2019 with the first Ms World Australia and Ms World New Zealand being crowned in September 2020.  Robbie has also become a highly sought-after pageant coach and mentor around the Globe.

Robbie plans to continue her cancer advocacy work, adding to the $750,000 in grants already awarded to young Australian up and coming medical researcher studying cancer through Tour de Cure and the Scott Canner Young Investigator Grant, established in Scott's memory.

Robbie wants to inspire others and give hope to others grieving the loss of a loved one.  "Somehow I found pageantry - it was inspiring, character-building and encouraged me to keep going.  My goal is to just get one Mum to cuddle her child as a survivor." Robbie said.  "If I get three, we're headed towards a breakthrough.  I'm determined no one else will have to go through losing a child."

Guided by the love of her son Scott, Robbie knows he is always with her, but also now knows she has more to give to this life.  Robbie is working on her latest project - writing a book so she can share her life and her story in the hope that her journey may inspire others and make a difference to someone who feels they have reached the end.