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What Pageantry Means to Me

For me, the world of Pageantry can be such a rewarding arena. I encourage those who are looking to fulfill childhood dreams, want to challenge themselves or just do something different to look into the fabulous world of Pageants.

There are so many categories from Junior Miss, Teen, Miss, Ms, Mrs, Classic, Senior, Mr and others areas of competition that can be incorporated for all ages.

I won my first International title Ms. Classic Global United in Minneapolis USA in 2016, then followed up with the International crown in Seattle USA 2018 winning Ms. World at 60 years of age.

Pageantry, or Pageant sport, what I like to call it, for anyone at any age is such a great self-confidence building arena, especially for young girls and boys. Learning and growth covers so many aspects of everyday life. Grooming and deportment, makeup, hair, public speaking, microphone and voice projection, speech writing, fashion, health and fitness, even great training for the debate team at school.

There are many people that have misconceptions about Pageants, thinking that they objectify the young ones or anyone of any age for that matter. But, in reality, pageant coaching and competing is no different to training for dance, cheer-leading, athletics, or any other area that incorporates competition. Winning a medal or pennant is the same as wearing a crown.

I have had such wonderful comments on Face book. A lot of people feel that reaching the senior area of life, can mean, we cannot have what we still really want to have in our lives. I have certainly proved that not to be correct.

One lady messaged me saying “Thank you, you are my inspiration, I am 56 years old and I thought my “For Me” life wasn’t around anymore, including my pageants, now she is going to compete again. Then in reply, her husband came back and said thank you for giving “ME” my life back. WOW that is so heart warming to hear!

Pageantry is still in the forefront of my life. I am now judging pageants Nationally and Internationally, TV, Magazine and Radio interviews, Fitness magazines, Public speaking, Mentoring, and have reached over 40 countries as being an Influencer and so inspirational to others.

I have made lifelong friends, and yes, there is an element of bitchiness, but isn’t that in any competition arena.

Jump on board the Pageant train! What a ride!

Love Robbie x

Age Is No Barrier, Life Is No Dead End, You Are Fabulous

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